Blocked by boyfriend's family members - wtf?

We are both 30 and have been dating for 8 months. Everything seems to be fine but I just realized today that his sister (who lives in another city) and his cousin (who he is close with) have both blocked me on Facebook.

I have never met either of them nor have I even spoken to them before. I have never sent them any messages or Facebook friend requests and I cannot imagine how I could have offended them to the point where they both take the trouble of blocking me. What on earth is going on?

The easiest answer would be to ask my guy but it's a little embarrassing to admit I've been creeping to that extent. I probably will but I would like to get some opinions here first if possible? Thank you!


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  • It may have nothing to do with you. It could be from past experiences with your boyfriend that they have had. If you have never met them it sounds like either it's has something to do with the past, or he is telling them stuff that makes me not like you? I don't know what else it could be?

    • That's partly what I'm worried about - why and what would my guy be telling them? I thought things were fine. Or, as a poster here suggested, it may be because they don't want me to see the things they are posting on his wall... which again leads me to why and wtf could they possibly be saying that I can't see?

    • For all you know every time your boyfriend has broken up with a girl, they pm them and get them involved? Maybe they have had to deal with this too many times. I know personally that's the reason I deleted my Facebook account I got tried of girls contacting me about family members doing them wrong and dumping them and don't get me started on their baby mama's. I'm sure it really had nothing to do with you and everything to do with your boyfriend's past relationships.

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  • all my posts and shares on fb have my spouses family blocked. I don't want drama. It may have nothing do to with you.

    • I can understand that but would you take the trouble of blocking your cousin's girlfriend? It's not like that person is your wife's family member - it's like an extra step removed. And when you say drama, I assume you mean his sister and cousin might have blocked me so that I can't see the stuff they post on his wall? Why - what kind of things are they posing that would cause "drama"?

    • I'm not sure. I will give you examples of myself. Maybe it will help you see something. With people that know me, especially who I grew up with, I am a jokester, very sarcastic, and borderline offensive. Thats just how we have always been. On my spouses side , they take many things personal, don't see multiple points of view, and are the coddling kind. I don't know if any of this makes sense. Im hoping that maybe you will see something in it.

    • It does make sense I guess. I was honestly more worried that you meant they might be posting things like "has gf #1 found out about gf #2 yet?" Or "when you going to get rid of that ugly chick and get back together with ur ex" type of srama

  • You could just tell your boyfriend the truth about why you were looking for their profile and comments then found you had no access because you are blocked. He might know, he might not.


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  • Maybe they don't like seeing the things you're tagged in bc they tend to be overly sentimental? I've done that with some of my sister's bfs bc I can't handle all the sap. I'm sure that once they meet you and know you as an individual they'll add you.

    • I can understand that. But now I feel like they're not going to want to if they took the trouble to block me. It's actually kind of offensive since they don't even know me.

    • It takes like 10 seconds if even to block someone and even less to unblock them. I wouldn't even worry about it. They're probably just maintaining their feed. Like you said it's not like they even know you to dislike anything about you.

    • Yeah I guess it is more me worrying if they're saying things on his wall that they don't want me to see and if so, wtf those things could possibly be? "How's juggling gf 1 and gf #2"? That sort of thjng

  • how did you figure out they blocked you then?

    • There are some comments that I remember seeing before but aren't there anymore so I searched them and their profiles are hidden from me. I asked a friend to check if she can see their profiles and she can so its just me who is blocked.

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    • Well I only posted happy new year and happy birthday. And literally only 3 pictures tagging him in the 8 months we have been together. I guess those 5 posts really annoyed them and blocked up their news feed...

    • lol, probably something random that doesn't even have anything to do with him.

  • I did that too to my cousins and to my brother's wife. lol I blocked them. Its not because I don't like them. It's because I avoid judging and comments and all that stuffs. nothing really personal grudge or anything. lol

    • Judging what?

    • like criticizing and all that may lead to jealousy and something like that. lol I also doesn't like tagging. and they are more of socializers than me. So I avoid it instead of going with them. lol

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