Does he like me? What are his feelings?

I asked him what he thought about me and he said he thinks I'm a cool girl to hangout with and we really hit it off. Then I jokingly said "or did we just hit it" as in we were only with eachother just for sex. He said If it was the case it wouldn't of repeated and that we wouldn't have continued to go out. We have been on a few dates now but we have also been hooking up. Recently when I was drunk I said to him "I thought u just like to hookup drunk with me, its fine" He said he likes hanging out with me. Im not sure if he likes me or not? I was trying to hint at him and see where we stand basically by asking and saying this. Im starting to like him. I also I didn't say anything back to him both times, didn't know what to say. should i tell him I like hanging out with him too? or that I like him? Im scared to because I dont want to get hurt
He also told me he thinks our sex is unreal


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  • oops i misread ur question the other time basically... sorry

    so u were the drunk one then... in that case chances are he wants u only 4 a hook-up i guess


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