How to be a boyfriend?

Lost out on being with an amazing girl because I have absolutely no clue how to form/maintain a relationship. (I never kissed her, or even told her I liked her). So I have a few questions for the future:

1. After starting to talk to a girl, how long before you ask her on a date/to hang out?
2. How do you tell her you like her? When do you tell her?
3. When should you kiss her for the first time?
4. How/when do you actually become “boyfriend and girlfriend?”
5. When do you become “Facebook Official?”
6. When do you have sex for the first time?
7. How often should you text/call each other?
8. How often should you see each other in person?
9. How do you stay interested in each other?


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  • I think you need to slow down a bit mate. There is no set answer to any one of those questions - you have to feel what's right and wrong in a relationship. Don't worry, her body language will tell you whether or not to move in for a kiss or to back off a bit. You'll know if things are going well that asking her out for a drink or lunch or whatever is likely to be received positively. Stuff like sex shouldn't come into the equation yet, or you'll freak her the fuck out. Just be calm and patient and relaxed, that way things will flow naturally and not be stilted and end up in disaster. As for 'Facebook Official', God don't get me started on that crap...


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  • Well if you ask me, the best relationships form from friendship. So it'd probably be best to get to know her well before asking her out, but be an obvious flirt so hopefully she doesn't friendzone you. As soon as you are comfortable around her, but there is still a lot you don't know about her, then you should ask her out. You will know when the time is right. As for kissing, after dating for maybe a month or so, if you feel comfortable, just lean in slightly, if she flinches or moves back, stop before you embarrass yourself, but if she doesn't (or better yet moves closer) then go ahead and kiss her. As for the sex, DO NOT INITIATE, i repeat DO NOT INITIATE. Let HER initiate. She will start talking about sex first. Then when she is ready, she will come on to you. Then experiment with how often to text/call. Start off by talking every night before going to bed. If she likes it keep going. If not, give her a fee days then talk again. If she seems like she missed you too much, go somewhere in between. As for seeing eachother... well that has to do with schedule. Set one day aside every week for doing your own thing. Aside from that day, and whenever you are working, is when you should be seeing her. She will tell you if its too much or not enough. You and her will have to work together to adjust your schedules.

    But eventually, if everything goes right, you will move in with eachother. At that point EVERYTHING changes. You two will go to bed and wake up next to eachother every day. You will see her when you get home from work everyday. You two will probably do stuff together on the weekends, or with friends. She will become the biggest part of your life once you move in together.

    Hope this helped


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  • "When do you become “Facebook Official?”"<------ basically i don't understand y people consinder this important

  • It depends on the type of girl you want to be compatible with. not every girl likes the same thing.


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