What made him finally decide to ask me out, he says im playing games?

this friend of mine, has apprently liked me for like a year. He told me when i still had a bf that he had feelings for me at some point in our friendship. months later when my relationship came to an end he was there to i guess "help me move on?" well he skyped with me that night for hours when i was completely heart broken. so these past like 9 months (ive been single) him & I have been talking a lot & he told me he was starting to like me again but timing was bad bc he was working a lot & going to school so he never had time to hang out with me. I told him I too was starting to have feelings for him but he thought i was lying. so after that we kind of stopped talking but recently we started talking again & we hung out for the first time ever but after that he stopped talking to me again for 3 weeks. he always does this, one time he even flaked. we always say "oh yeah lets hang out" & we decide on a day but when the day comes he stops talking to me. he's playing games. I have been so patient to the point where it's just ridicioulous. I've stopped caring so I deleted him off all social media. BUT we started using snapchat again & deep inside I'm just really mad at him so when we talk I don't really care what I say, Before I would think twice about what I said bc I didn't want it to seem like something it wasn't. so yesterday we were joking, he always says "fight me" but this time my friend was sort of messaging him & she said "Im not a fighter im a lover" & he said "shut up & love me" & she sent "I would if only you'd love me back" & then things got serious, he wanted me to be honest about what I meant by all that but I was too mad & he asked "why can you tell me. I just want you to say it" but I still didn't reply & he sent "well guess you dont want me to ask you out or something" I told him I would if he didn't play games, anyways we decided on trying to give it a chance but now we're arguing
he says im playing games because im not being straight up. apparently.


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  • You guys are just playing cat and mouse.

    • gosh darnit :l

    • He makes a little move, you make a little move but no one goes all the way. Both of you are playing games. He has a semi-legit reason, you on the other hand are playing victim.

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