Is "No Contact" the right decision?

Almost 8 months ago now, a girl I had a crush on in highschool randomly texted me, and we’ve talked nearly everyday since. I’m shy and have never been in a relationship, so I didn’t make any major moves on her. We’ve been on and off with talking the past 3 months, so I figured she’d lost interest. I tried convincing myself to forget about her and move on, but it seemed everytime I tried she’d text me and reel me back in.

The other week I found out through Facebook that she started dating someone else, so I asked her about it. She could tell I wasn’t too happy, so she confessed that she liked me back in highschool and still really liked me 8 months ago when we started talking, but she didn’t think it was going anywhere so she thought we got past liking each other, but continued to talk to me because she liked me in her life. I apologized for taking things too slow, confessed that I’ve liked her since highschool, and I that I still do like her. She said she’d hate to lose me as a friend, but she doesn’t want me to end up hating her or feeling miserable, so it’s up to me whether we stay friends or not. I told her I want to keep her in my life, but I just needed to think things over. She told me “That’s fine, do what you need to” and I never responded.

Now it’s 8 days later, and I still haven’t responded. I figured I needed no contact at first to get over her, and I feel a lot better now than I did last week, but I’m still not over her yet. But now I’m questioning whether this was the right decision or not.

I’m planning on texting her back (just not sure when) and it seems like the longer I wait the more awkward it’ll be. We’ve never gone this long without talking, and if I am planning on continuing to talk to her as just a friend, shouldn’t I of just gotten over it and been there for her?


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  • Continue not to contact her if you still have feelings for her. She's with someone else and basically you would just be hoping that ends so you can be with her, or torturing yourself because you can't be.


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