If I asked out my crush saying when are we going to hangout and he said sometime in the not too distant future what do you think this means?

He had kind of asked me out before we worked together and he would flirt as would i ...he asked me what I was going to do after work and asked me for a drink one day when I was sad ...right before he left the job I had called him to see what he was going to do that night he asked me what I had in mind and I said to talk... He was napping at that time and offered to talk over the phone but I said it was okay ...the next day be texted me saying he hasn't forgotten about my call and maybe we could get a drink after work ...I said that sounded good ..when he came back to work he asked me for the drink but I had to go visit family and asked him when else he was free ...he told me since he was leaving the job he would have a lot of free tjme and we would get the drink another time ...long story short few weeks after he left I texted him and his response is in the question ...please help !


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  • Okay things didn't work out before he left the so just forget about him

    • Well day before he left he asked me to have the drink with him I had a pressing family matter to attend to but anyway I just want to no if u said that to a girl like not too distant future what would that mean to you?

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    • Thank you ;) so there is hope it doesn't mean I hate you and im just saying this to make you go away?

    • That is all you had to say "go away"

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  • You mean, you can actually hangout with your crush? Hmm..


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