Why can't I text this girl?

I don't know whether it's fear or indifference, but, there's this girl I like and I never talk or text her. Sometimes when I consider it I get nervous, but, most of the time I'm just caught up in whatever I'm doing and don't feel like talking on down time, honestly, it's why I don't really text in general. How do I get myself to care enough to at least text her?


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  • just text her don't let your own self get in the way of actually talking to girl you have feelings for :) trust me we find it cute when a guy is nervous as long as you state the fact that you want to get to know her and put in the effort to do so. I am sure you will get good results out of it.

    • It's just weird for me, while I have many friends, I'm naturally a loner, and often don't feel like talking to people (I guess I'm just lazy, when I get home I usually just lie down and rest).

    • maybe you should change that about yourself or not. If you feel that way about your self.. you are creating that wall. I am not much of a person to start a conversation or keep the conversation going. But you won't get any where if you don't try for your own self benefit. Try not to believe that being loner, lazy is the only thing you are. I am sure there is much more than just that you can be who ever you want to be. As cliché as it sounds but it is true.

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  • Haha, I can text anything to anyone. It's way easier than doing it in person...
    In fact, I texted my crush today... and she didn't reply...

    I only text when I need to, not for conversation.


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  • U can be shy but go for it start with something simple like hey or hi with or with out a smiley face 😊

    • I guess I could do that, but, I don't know, I have a certain flair, plus most of the time I genuinely just don't feel like talking either way.

    • If u like her than go for it even if u don't feel like it

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