Been Out of the Dating Game too long HELP?

Alright long story short...

Met guy at bar.
Went Out for dinner.
Didn't sleep with him.
Asked me over two days later as a friend because that's all he wants.
End of the day was super cuddly infront of his friends, wanted me to "claim" him
Still didn't sleep with him
Text me every morning with a good morning beautiful
Days later decided I don't want anything serious and he pays attention I'll sleep with him.
Invites me over Friday after with all his friends still super cuddly.
Mad that I left with my friend to go to the bar
Went back stayed the night kept calling me his
Had a conversation about how his ex messd him up and wasn't ready for anything serious
Hung out with him and his friend almost all day Saturday
Kept bugging me to come back and cuddle Saturday night.
Continued the good morning beautiful messages.
Spent the night Thursday.
Grab stuff I left Saturday and he asked me to chill for a bit
Just Cuddled
Got mad because I was leaving without a goodbye kiss.
Wanted me to hang out Saturday night
Hasn't talked to me since...

So I don't understand anything. Little insight would be awesome here.


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  • straight up say im getting mixed messages and treat it like adults


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