Did this guy just want to use me for sex?

Long story short. I went on date with a guy 10 years older than me on Sunday. The date went great, we had dinner and lots to drink - then we went to his place to listen to music. We ended up kissing there. I told him at this point that I was a virgin. He kept trying to put his hand between my thighs, even though I told him not to. Somehow his hands kept creeping up towards my crotch, thighs, bum etc. and everytime I kept trying to pull his hands away, even telling him to 'stop'

He said he'd like me to stay over several times, but told him I had to go home. He said we could sleep in separate beds and that he had a pyjamas for me if I wanted it. I said no and decided to go home around 2 in the morning.

At this point, I felt like he wasn't lovey dovey anymore and seemed just like a friend. He didn't mention going on another date. He said I should shoot him a text once I got home, which I did. He replied around 8 in the morning with 'Cool!' and then I didn't hear from him for 2 days.

I decided to send him a text today just to say thanks for everything (as he had paid for dinner, drinks etc) He wrote 'Hi! Pleasure! It was good that you accompanied me. It was fun' and then left it at that.

Did this guy just want to have sex with me ? I mean, he hasn't really asked me on another date, so I assume that's what it meant.


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  • It's possible

    • Hmm.. thanks for your input :)

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