Girls, should I ask this girl to prom?

There's this girl that I really like. I went to prom with her last year. She was a year older than I and said that she would be willing to go again with me next year. However, a few weeks later, due to difficulties regarding bad timing and watnot, we stopped dating, but agreed to be friends. We still talk occasionally, but I haven't seen her since December, and even then only for a minute or two.

Would it be acceptable to ask her out again? Might it be seen as weird, since we haven't been dating, and since we stopped a while back? Or should i ask someone else out (i have someone I have considered, but am not entirely sure).


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  • I think you should find out if she's changed at all if you're still good friends and if she's in a relationship. I have a friend that even if we don't talk for a month our fiend ship doesn't change and we just pick up with what had happened since last talking. You need to make sure neither of you feel awkward around the other and maybe ask her to get coffee to catch up and then see how that goes and then decide.

    • But would she, as having already graduated, possibly be uncomfortable coming back?

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    • Only problem is she's ion college, an hour away, and I am not.

    • Okay well just call or text her and see what's new in her life. Or you could FaceTime her or Skype or something. That way the distance isn't an issue when deciding if you want to ask her to prom based off of how you both relate to the other. you have to at the very least make sure she will reply to a text or call from you and then go from there

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