What does he mean? how does he feel about me?

He asked me out on date about 3 months ago and was persistent, took me out for dinner and drinks, we had a lot of fun. Since then we have been out on many other dates and have also hungout, partied together. We have hooked up and have had sex many times as well. He recently told me that he thinks that I'm cool to hang out with and that he thinks we we hit it off. I had asked him what he thought about me and he that's what he said. I then jokingly said "or did we just hit it" as in we were only with eachother just tp have sex. He said if that was the case it wouldn not have repeated and that we would not have continued going out. He also said that he thinks our sex is unreal. He has been drunk texting me more now recently, even when he was away on vacation. We both drunk text eachother. We have a lot of attraction and chemistry between us and we have lots of fun together. We talk a decent amount but don't talk everyday. But I'm just confused as to were we stand and how he feels. I am starting to like him a lot. We are currently far away from eachother, about two hours since I'm at school, so there is distance. I did just tell him that I'm moving back to the city in a month when I'm finished school so then we'll be close by. Also, I just saw him last weekend when I was out with friends and he insisted on meeting up with me so he came and met us. We ended up kissing all night but I did not sleep with him nor did he sleepover. I do enoy hanging out with him and want to get to know him better. Lastnight I was drunk and I texted him "I thought you just like to hookup drunk with me and that it's fine." He said (again) that he likes hanging out with me. I am not sure what he means or how he feels. I was trying to hint at him and see where we stand basically by asking and saying this. Also I didn't say anything back to him both times, because I didn't know how to reply, so I changed the subject/dropped it. should I tell
does he like me?
He is also very affectionate with me in front of his friends


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  • So his made the time and effort to see you, hangout, have sex, message you? He does like you then. I think his scared of getting rejected.

    Tell him how you feel first. Just don't be drunk and text him that lol be both sober, when that happens

    • How can I say how I feel? I don't want to scare him off or put pressure. I scared of being rejected too

    • A simple I like you. I would like to see where this could lead us, if you allow it.

      But it wouldn't surprise me if you guys were dating but didn't know it. What you guys are doing is not just the typical fling thing.

  • Yes, he likes you... is he saying he wants a relationship, no but that is to be seen...

    • Ho can we go in the direction of a relationship?

    • You hang out with him and make him feel good about being with you. have fun, go on dates and don't worry about the goal, live in the moment and relish the journey.

    • See if after a few weeks things progress, if not then it's time to see where he stands.

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