Should I give him a second chance?

So I was suppose to go out with a guy a few days ago. But he canceled literally last minute. As in like 10 minutes before we were supposed to meet up. And his excuse was he was doing something with his family. Assuming this is the truth at least I can say he's family oriented. Anywho my response was pretty blasé (can't show my hand this early right?) despite being completely pissed. So I tried giving him the benefit of doubt and thinking well maybe he's inexperienced with girls and hasn't had to cancel many dates before. He's 19 by the way. Anywho I don't know if I should give him another chance...


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  • It would be ok to give another chance, but not right off. What I mean is, when Im put in that situation, and he cancels on me, the next time he asks me out, I will cancel on him. Just to show him what it felt like.


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