Is it a weird/bad sign if the first time he calls me his girlfriend is over a text message. Basically "goodnight my cute girlfriend?

Been dating 3 months and never had the talk or brought up exclusivity bf/gf talk, and then his text one night mentions me as his gf. I should let you know that I've noticed he's not good at opening up and expressing his emotions directly, and he's said that to me before. He has been treating me like a gf bit I'm not sure how serious to take a text that brings it up for the first time.

I don't know, what do you think in general about how he did it? Do other guys do that? Is it the norm now with texting?


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  • do you want to be his girlfriend?

    if so, i'd take the text as a good thing, given that he admitted not opening up. i think you're reading too much into it.


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