What are girls likes and dislikes when a guy approaches?

What are girls likes and dislikes when a guy approaches for the first time? What will determine an automatic rejection or interest in the guy?


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  • For me would have to be constant sarcasm or rudeness. Not being able to hold conversation... not laughing or seems uncomfortable. Bad breath or smelling bad in general will have a girl running for the door.

    • Lol good answer, now on the not being able to hold a conversation, would you prefer the guy to talk about himself or ask you questions?

    • Both are great. Usually asking about the girl first opens it up like 'where you from' and then you tell her where your from and then ask about what its like there and if she can hold a conversation she will be asking you stuff too and it just flows on from there

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  • Well if I dont know him I have to have even the slightest bit of attraction to him, and I mean like even a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 on looks and I will be flattered. If I know him and he is my type of actractive (8 mark) I will be happy if he even glances at me. Honestly I just have to be attracted to you, it doesn't matter if you stutter or walk shylly, just dont be a jerk and you are good.

  • I think first off, he needs to be friendly and easy going, I've met some guys that are so egotistic its crazy, like they think they can pull any girl they want so they act like a snob. Then if he has a sense of humor and it's charmingly flirty then I would usually be interested (: so Friendly and flirty (:


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