3 dates in and he says he is not dating anyone else nor does he want to. what should my response be? I'm not dating others either.. but too soon?


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  • After three dates I've been pretty sure if I wanted to be exclusive or not.

    • Wow... how so soon?

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    • by the way thanks for answering my questions!

    • Nope, that was our first significant disagreement. At first I thought, if she isn't willing to be exclusive, I should move on. The thing was, she was so extraordinary - really the person I was looking for, that I decided I would just enjoy our time together regardless of who else she might see and regardless of how long it might last. It was magical. It took about six months until she was ready - she told me that she knew before then. It's still pretty damn magical being with her / knowing her.

      Btw: I decided to try to date others during our non exclusive time too. My experiences just confirmed for me that I'd found someone so uniquely special and perfect for me (and thankfully, ultimately me for her). They were good people to be sure, but I definitely knew who I really cared about.

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  • Is he expressly expressing exclusivity, or is he simply saying "I'm not dating anyone else?"

    Big difference.

    The "I'm not dating anyone else" phrase really has a "yet" in parentheses unless otherwise stated.

    In other words. . . if you asked him, "Are you dating anyone else?" and he says "No." It doesn't necessarily mean he's looking for exclusivity or exclusivity with you. I once had a first date ask me, "So are you dating anyone else?" I said "No." And she said, "Oh, lucky me." Made me want to vomit.


    • Good points! And i kind of feel pressured. Glad it could just mean he's just saying it. haha made u feel like vomiting? Why?

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    • Well not literally vomit lol, just soulfully so. I mean she took it as if I was already exclusively dating her on the first date. For me, that mind frame is a huge turnoff.

    • Yeah, tht is kind of how I'm feeling except fr the vomit part haha

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