What are signs that you've been friendzone by a guy? What would you do to show a girl that you only look at her as a friend?

An example would be: talking about other girls including girls he/you've hit on and dated?

This would be applied between people who just met and are getting to know each other. Not long time friends.


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  • If he doesn't ask you out that is a big sign, or he's just really shy, if you like him you should tell him, because girls give plenty of confusing signals.

    • I don't think that's necsesarily true.

      Is it?

      There are a lot of reasons he may secretly like her but never act on it.

      Just because he isn't asking for her to be his girlfriend, doesn't mean he doesn't like her

    • Yeah thats why I said or he's just really shy.

    • Well he and I only just started talking, I wouldn't want him to jump to that bf/gf stuff right away either. And I honestly have no clue what he is, sometimes he acts shy and other times acts confident around me.

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