Is it easier to love someone who treats you bad vs someone who treats you good?

It feels like it's easier to love a person who treats you badly. You want them to change, you see the good in them, and want to think the best of them so you continue to love them. Maybe love blinds you to the reality that they don't treat you right. But the person that treats you good we don't like as much they are too nice, too kind. Maybe we don't think we deserve that kind of love so we push it away.

Who's easier to love the one who treats you bad or good? Why?
  • The one who treats you good
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  • The one who treats you badly
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Then you come crying seeking for help because he treated you wrong, he was an asshole, he didn't deserve your love waahh waahh waaaaahhh!

    I'm sorry, but if you love someone that treats you bad, you have some issues. Someone that respects themselves will never love someone that doesn't respect them. Simple as that.

    • Then most girls have issues man... a lot do go after the bad guys thinking that they can change their behaviour and stuff

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    • @Iwasbanned You can just fake the bad boy attitude to get you going while you search for the real girl of your dreams. You act like an asshole, you get women, but you can still be a good guy (kind of ironic) when the real moment comes.

    • Haha I know exactly what you mean bro.

Most Helpful Girl

  • You have some issues, love.

    If someone treats me like shit, it is remarkably easy to hate them. If being reduced to nothing by some scumbag invokes romantic feelings, I suggest you go see a specialist.

    I love the shit outta my boyfriend and it's definitely not because of douchebaggery.

    • Lol not me I'm just asking in general in seems that way with some people I know.

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What Guys Said 2

  • Tricky question. It's easier to fall in love with someone who treats you bad. But hard to keep loving them. So it's easier to love someone who treats you well

  • Yeah, Newsflash guys : Being too nice can be a turn off.

    Practice the 3Cs : Confident, Control, and Challenge.


What Girls Said 3

  • If that's how you honestly feel about things, I think you've got some personal issues to sort out before you should start trying to get into any kind of relationship.

  • I wouldn't love someone who treated me badly, but for romantic relationships I am attracted to men who don't cater to my every desire. Someone who is "too nice" wouldn't interest me because I would feel like he was just placating to me.

  • I've never had this issue. All the men I've loved have treated me really well.


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