[confused guy] i really have no clue what her problem is?

So a girl i've been knowing for 5 months is giving me really strong mixed signals of interest. under the 3 months we have only hung out 2 times and we text almost everyday. she is usally the one that text the first and i'm usally the one that asks if she wants to hang out. but everytime i ask her out she says some kind of excuse to not come. then aftr sevral resects I backed off(stopped talking to her) because I was thinking she wasn't interested in me and that i was just being annoying. but she still wrote to me and i always responded with something really un-enthusiastic. then i just got tired of it all so i told her everything that i like her but have no clue if she feels the same for me and that i stopped talking to her beacuse she was always rejecting my opertunities to spend time together. and she said that she felt annoying and unliked by me,so therefore she always made an excuse to not hang out.
and she then went on to say that she felt so free being with me and that i'm amazing and that she told her mother about me. So i was like wow she also likes me. since that day we have been way more romatical. So after a couple of weeks I asked if she was able to hang out on Friday , and she then responded ''FFS! i'm going to my uncle's wedding. i obviously beleved her but after like 2hr she posted a picture with her friend going into the cinema.. quite a dick move huh´ And i just have no clue way it would be so hard for her to just say she isn't intressded beacuse she clearly isn't i trust actions not words. English isn't my first langues so bad grammer and typos will be expected ^^ thanks for reading


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  • Sounds like she isn't genuinely interested in you and only wanted you when you said you no longer wanted her (wanting what she can't have), and that's an unhealthy relationship. I ditch that and look for something less complicated.

    • Thanks for replying :) yes it's quite annoying so i'm better of ditching her and moving on like you said.

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  • Maybe she's scared to get in a relationship.

  • I think she may have like you and then gotten over it. Now she prob is just unshure what she feels and she wants to keep you in her life in case she starts liking you again. I think you are kinda being used. But hey what would i know.


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