What does this girl want?

So I've known this girl for about 3 weeks and been on 3 dates with this girl. We've made out but no sex yet. So far she's very agreeable to everything that I suggest we do, everytime I message her she replies. On our dates she is pleasant and nice, but quite reserved as well. The only thing thats weird is that she will NEVER initiate a text message. Not sure if I'm reading too much into this or if its just normal.
Oh and everytime I text, it takes her AGES to reply
anymore opinions?


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  • Its a rule for most women. Because your a male, we expect you to be dominant. She doesn't text you first, because she doesn't want to seem "thirsty" or "easy". And she texts back slow, because she doesn't want to throw herself at you. Im not sure why we do it, but its our way of getting guys to fight for us and our attention. Does that make sense?

    • Yeah makes sense. But I don't know, something makes me suspicious about her... I don't know.

    • And she never gives much away when I ask her about stuff.

    • Maybe she isn't willing to be open with you just yet. It mau take some time

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  • I'm not sure on the age of this girl but it has to be teenage to about 20 i'm guessing? It's a "game" that women think will get you to think of them more. Make them more appealing and appear more mysterious. Yes it's immature but you can't fix stupid. When both men and women grow up a bit these games tend to slow down.

    • No she's 24... Which is making me think, is she just leading me on or something?

    • Oh jeez then I call immaturity on her part. Or she might have another guy on the side. By 24 a girl should know her priorities and the games usually die down. When I'm with a guy I let him know that games are for 16 year olds. I text and call when I want to go out just like he does.

  • I think she's just taking it slow and trying not to appear eager. I've done this before, because we as women hear so much from guys about how clingy chicks get that we fear coming off that way, especially early on, so we'll try to hang back and let you take the lead so that we don't come off as eager, clingy, etc. and freak you out.

    Or, maybe she's just not sure how she feels about you yet, so while she's willing to go out with you again and such, she's not interested enough to initiate.

    Either way, just keep doin' what you're doin' and see how it goes over the next few weeks.


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