What is the right time to ask a guy you met online "what are we"?


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  • Do you mean - "Are we together?" "Where do we stand?"

    • Yea that's what i mean

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    • Okay and after the meeting?

    • If it goes well and you both hit it off then say "can we meet again"

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  • Try to meet him like a hangout n enjoy if you really like him then exchange your contacts n hook up again n find if it's going to work or not😶?


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  • First of all - have you actually hung out in real life? If not, you're nothing, no matter how much you have talked. You don't know each other. For all you know "he" could be a 56 year old pedo trying to lure you into sending nudies, or a scammer playing catfish...

    • We never met irl but we have skyped with cam and voice and we follow each other on snapchat, so I'm pretty sure he is who he says he is.

  • Technically you both are nothing until you both meet in person and get a sense of each others vibes and decide if you want to take anything further than a friendship in the first place.