When's the right time to ask 'What are we'?

This boy and I have been talking for awhile now. He's in a few of my classes and we've hang out occusionally by ourselfs at lunch. We also hug all the time and all that other lovely dovey stuff aha. He also calls me names such as, babe or baby and calls me 'his'.
I'm just not sure what we are at moment. When's the right time to ask him?
Help please :)
Aha, I didn't need to ask him about it. Turns out that all he wanted from me was sex. I asked him about that one and he didn't even deny it. However the moment I told him that we should stop talking as we would never work out, he claimed to 'not want to loose me to rumours that are untrue'. I then spoke to him about him only wanting sex from me and he claimed he didn't. Until his friend sent me srceenshots of their conversation, where he said thats all he wanted. I dropped him, told him that we


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  • You both have this special chemistry here, dear, that perhaps He feels there is no need to slap a title on with "Exclusive nor Official." However, seeing the kind of repore you both have with one another, it might be good to just come out and smile and ask him: "So where do we stand?"
    I see you both an 'Item' with no price tag on it and a guy who treats you like a gem. But with so much competition out there, a girl would like to know if She is a diamond or... a girl's best friend.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you :), I'll definently take this into consideration :)
      Thank you so much!

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    • No problem xx

    • :)) xxoo

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