Girls, ex girlfriend says she likes me but?

Our relationship kind of ended premature.. based on me having to leave the area for a couple months so it didn't end poorly it was a good split you could say... I came back she was kind of on the fence.. we remain "on - off" in a sense were not in a relationship but we both get jealous and ask about each other through mutual friends.. neither has really moved on but we still exchange texts and talk now and again.. were in a college atmosphere so I see her daily. . She often blocks and unblocks my #.. if our exchanges don't go as she " imagined" I guess.. I want to try and make it work but she makes it rather difficult.. she always says she has mixed emotions.. she likes me but doesn't "know" what she wants from "us". . I think our emotions both fluctuate but it just sucks when it seems to be going along well.. then I may not text her for a day or two then she precieves that as rejection? .. then blocks my #... Help to repair this if possible?... I really just want us to be good some may say she's "playing games" but I don't know how girls emotions work.. There's a lot of false hope and denial in the air because we both know we still care for each other. . But she's not making it easy to resolve things. .


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  • This is happening cause you and her some part of you is stuck in the past when you and her were in the relationship that's why both are still on to each other live instead moving

    None of you two had that right time to move on for the relationship phase and had the talk don't be stuck in the past focus on your future

    Ask yourself this „Äčis she worth it, do I see myself with her, does she right now give me more pain then joy, can I live a life without her, if she want us to work she wouldn't make it this hard?

    If it met to be (in anything in life can be work relationship family or friends) then it wouldn't be this hard

    Hope this works


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  • Sounds like she's insecure and I would be moving on to another woman. I don't know about you, but I don't have time to play those games.

    If she doesn't know what she wants, give her time and space to figure it out... WITHOUT you.


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