Do guys mind dating a girl that is older then them?

Guys do you mind if you date a girl that is older then you?

if you do what is the age difference you would date? like three years? two years? etc?

Girls would you mind dating a guy that is younger then you?

To me age doesn't matter and most people would have to agree that age doesn't matter but I just want to to see what majority of the people on here think and feel.

I mean society wise --it's logical to have a boyfriend that is older then you and

logical for a girlfriend to be younger then you. but does age really matter?

  • Yes I do mind and I wan to follow the gender stereotype.
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  • No I don't mind -age is is just a number.
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  • In different / it depends/ it varies.
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  • I prefer dating older women.


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What Guys Said 2

  • For me, age does matter. A difference of 2 to 7 years is fine with me. But anything lower than or greater than this range, and I will not date. I may get attracted to the girl, however, but will not date her.

  • u already answered yourself...

    age doesn't matter...

    even if its only for sex...the appeal is not only physical

    something or the wavelength, vibes, etc. is always involved in dating and age is the last thing that can prevent it.

    • Some people are more traditional and prefer to follow the gender stereotype in which the girl should be a slight younger then the guy. e

    • And how many traditions can you make your HEART follow?

      LOL it does not think when falling in love

What Girls Said 1

  • i prefer to date older guys or guys my age. I tried to date younger guys. they were great except most of them are just getting out of school and don't have thier own apartment or car and most of them have low paying jobs. I never thought that would matter until I wanted to go on vacation or a dinner out to a reataurant. I don't mind paying my half, but sorry I can't pay for both of ours all the time.

    • Well I ask because both of my exes I had before --well they weren't that much older then me but they had a car and a decent job (well they were both done with school then)

      but there's this guy that I'm recently talking to he's younger then me by 2 years. I enjoy talking to him and I can feel there's something more but yeah ---maybe to early to see ---I'll just go with the flow.

    • If I wasn't making that much money and lived with my parents then I wouldn't mind. but I'm 27 and I have met a 22 year old guy who only worked one day a week and made $90. he couldn't even take me to the movies cause he was always broke. its ok when your younger. but when you get older you expect more. just go with the flow. that's what I did at first but I like to go out and do things and eventually it couldn't work between us. every relationship is different.

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