Why is the colour of my skin still an issue?

Why is it everytime i ask out a girl that i like which isn't that often the colour of my skin always comes up every single time mostly by the chicks freind! for the last time i can't help the fact im not the typicall mixed raced colour?
am i just unlucky or is every chick just looking for a ripped white dude or a 6 foot black guy?


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  • What kinda girls are you approaching? Because if you're approaching white girls, then for sure she is gonna have her white friends tell her friend not to date you since you aren't white, tall or built black guy, or a light skinned Latino. It is what it is. Try going for Latinas and black girls. They are way more open minded.

    • its happened 3 times twice with white girls so yh your kinda spot on

    • Yeah. Hispanic girls are your best bet. They rarely care about a guy's skin color or race.

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  • Your skin is DEFINITELY NOT the problem! Those so called "girls" and "friends" you hit on are complete bitches! Avoid females like them. And for the record.. You are cute! I'm just saying. 😊

  • You have nothing wrong. Just don't let negative comments bring you down.
    You are you. We are all special in our ways. Someday will appreciate you one day. You have met the wrong ones.

  • It shouldn't be an issue. I dont understand what the big deal is. Dont let it get to you! Confidence is key. If someone doesn't like you because of the color of your skin, move on. You could honestly find someone better.

  • Confident is key next being fun then is humor those are the main key for getting girls and guys

    • how do you keep confident when this has happened on 3 separate occasions... its more then annoying now

    • It depends on the type of girls your going after

  • I don't see anything wrong with your skin color.
    Ignore those who comment about it, and be confident about the way you look.

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  • Biracials guys do quite well in the dating game to be honest but your race has nothing to do with it. You can't just expect a women to like you just because of your race if that was the case then men would never be rejected.

    • not what im saying... im asking why does race even matter if you as an individual likes someone then why do you care what your friends say

    • They are just some immature people that represent a small amount of people. Keep trying to find the right girl I'm sure you will be successful.

  • your yemeni? amiritie

    • Huh? i dont understand?

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    • Nope half Irish and half Jamaican born in london

    • Oh my bad , so your biracial , well yeah that's probably why. I initially thought you was arab/black mix.
      i'm biracial too, got family in st. elizabetth

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