My date got a late night text. Does he mean he's got a gf?

I went on a date the other day with a guy. Everything went great, we were kissing at the end of the night. Around midnight he got a call and a text from his mom. Then around 2 am, he got another text. I asked him if it was his mom again (we were both quite tipsy and drunk so we were joking around) and he said no. He said it was from his friend. I said "isn't it a bit late for your friend to be texting?" He was leaving my place, as he texted the person.

Does it sound like he's got a gf maybe who's texting him 2 in the morning?


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  • No the point of dating is to spread your options around and see which person is the best fit. Other women may be in the picture. I don't think he would have a girlfriend while dating other women. I hope. Give him some space.

    • Do you think I sounded a bit clingy since I said it was a bit late for a friend to be texting lol?

    • Yea i didn't want to say it bluntly but since YOU brought it up, yes.

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  • could've been one of his dudes

    • Maybe I'm just overreacting lol

  • no because both him and his friend might be awake late at night... no?


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