Girls, if a guy is a virgin and it's been a month what are you thinking?

If it's been a month in and he still hasn't talked about sex what is your mindeset and why? The why is important please let me know 😊
  • he just wants to find out if im the one he wants to share that with
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  • he is nervous about his first tine and wants to wait
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  • he doesn't find me attractive, im wondering why he doesn't want to
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  • yes ! a guy who doesn't pressure me
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  • Between A and D, voted A.
    Because hopefully he really likes me and is in for a serious relationship, getting to know me for myself and not just looking for another body.
    He respects me and respects himself enough to not share intimacy with the first person he never met before.

    • That's good because I'm planning on waiting at least a month if not more.

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    • It's just an example I have no idea when I'd feel comfortable. I just know that I would wait a month no matter what. But it would be probably be a few if it was based on my comfort.

    • I think you probably won't date someone who you've no physical chemistry with. I mean, people go on and on these days about compatibility, but are we really meant to kiss all that frogs before finding someone right for us? In the end it's all about learning about relationships and what's important to you and what you both want from that relationship. Shockingly, it seems a relationship has a much higher chance of success when you actually like the other person and are willing to learn and compromise.

      I digress, but all I'm saying is that normally physical chemistry is a given and with the right person you won't feel pressured (again, it's not about time) you'll be in it together and both willing to make it work even if some experiences aren't that great.

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  • I would seriously love that. A guy who won't rush things, takes his time. But i hope that he will get sexual, cause if not then that sucks too.

    • I plan on waiting to she if she really likes me or just a physical relationship. Also knowing if she's a good person to share my first time with is important.

  • Being I'm waiting for marriage that would've been a positive for me

    • Is that because of religious or just personal reasons?

    • I'm waiting for someone important to me that I love. Not necessarily marriage. I would be ok with waiting but being a guy with needs it could be difficult. If she was someone I loved I'd wait though.

  • I would be happy and I would think that I finally found a guy who doesn't pressure me.
    I would love it!


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