Girs would u date a guy if?

girls if you were 18 or are 18 would you date a guy who was 10 years older then you if he was really attractive like he was a 9 or a 10 in your eyes whats the oldest you would date if he was still really attractive
  • yea i would :)
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  • no because if he is wanting an 18 year old at 28, he will want to replace me for something younger when i age. sounds like a real loser. :)

    • i think your assuming to much lets say he was serious about you and wanted to have a long term relationship and he's not getting with her cause she is 18 but genuinely likes her but for special reason not sexual

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    • your welcome :)

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  • Well I'm 19 and would probably go as much as 15 years older than me. But I tend to gravitate towards guys in their mid to late twenties. In this case he would be obviously older than me, but not so much that it would be strange.

  • I stay within 3 years of my age. Older is too weird to me.

  • I would stay with in the young age group as 18-22 but I wouldn't date guys ages 25 to 29

  • The oldest I would date is probably 6-7 years.


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