Is she playing hard to get or not interested?

So she was my best friend in high school. We sort of had a thing but nothing happened. We got in a fight I pretty much said f you get out of my life. She took it hard begged back but I never budged. She basically had a mental breakdown. Anyways years go by she still said I was an asshole to mutual friends. Text her out of the blue because I was by her old house. She sounded really happy to hear from we were texting for a while.. she keeps making plans and then cancelIng. Yet she isn't I'll messaging me and making more plans. She playing hard to get or what?
Yet she still is msging me not isn't


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  • Umm I don't know maybe she is scared you will hurt her again?

    • Could be. I'm being as nice is I can

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    • Just continue to be really nice and welcoming? I should probabaly cut back the witty flirting huh don't want her to think I'm only trying to get in her pants?

    • Exactly, be a friend that is the perfect foundation for any relationship and then you can decide if you even love her and want to be with her.

What Guys Said 1

  • Gonna be honest, I highly doubt that she'd be playing hard to get right after such a long and tense pause from your relationship. Like Lioness said she is probably scared of what will happen between you two. I would give your relationship some time to bounce back from what happened between you two in high school and then see if she's interested.


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