Guys how did you get back in the dating game after a breakup?

This one hit me hard. Thought she was the one. It was a situation between me vs her parents she chose her parents. Anyways it's been two months now I think I should start dating again.. While girls don't need to maintain skills guys definitely do. What are some tips for getting back out there? We were together for two years.


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  • Eh... I am still single!

    • Lol do I call you apple or do you have a real name

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    • Hey... don't fall in love with me okay! I won't text you back.

    • Heartbreaker..

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  • Honestly, there isn't a cure for a break up. The only person and formula that can break it is you. You have to find a way all by yourself. Sorry, it's the truth.

    But, you can talk to a girl you find attractive about it. I don't know, girls thrive for guys who are in need of help, and it's in their blood to care and nurture everyone. Do that bro, do that.


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  • just move on and consinder she's not the only onevbasically


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