Would it be ok to ask a girl to do something over the weekend in a text?

So I just graduated high school and I like this girl who is junior now, so she's 2 years younger then me. We had the same class together last year and we talked a couple times during the year and it seemed like she liked me. I was at a soccer game the other day and she just happened to be there to and we ended up talking for little bit just seeing how everything was going with each other. A couple of days after that I sent her a message on Facebook saying that we should hang out sometime so I gave her my number and told her if she wanted to do something to call/text me. She said OK sounds good and gave me her number to. My question to you is would it be OK to ask her to hang out in a text, since we really haven't talked that much or should I call her. Id like some answers from the ladies . Thanks


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  • I think it would be okay. Texting a mainstream way of communicating, especially for women. Good luck and let us know if she says yes. Sounds like she' s into you!


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  • "My question to you is would it be ok to ask her to hang out in a text"

    AND --> "She said ok sounds goood and gave me her number to."

    This girl already said "ok" to hanging out with you, and took it a step further by giving you her phone number. She is comfortable being around you, so just be you. If you normally communicate in person, ask her something that will give out her location:

    You: "Hey Star, what's new today"

    Her: "Oh not much, just hanging out with bob"

    You: "Solid, any big plans for today?"

    Her: "We'll we're at the ..."

    - Now you know where she is, go talk to her.


    If you normally talk through FB / MS - do it that way

    If you normally call her and chat for hours, ask her that way

    If you relay information through her mother, do it that way <-- I would stay away from that one lol ;)


    What I am saying is this:

    - Being you is working, she is comfortable with who you are. So take what you know, and remain to be you. You don't need to ask questions like this except for reassurance =) You don't need reassurance from anyone in actuallity. What you are doing, is working (I think I've said that about 10 times).

    Best regards,


    • Haha alright thanks

    • =) anytime man, keep it real. If you need other help let me know via message