What Does He Mean? Would It Suggest He Has Strong Feelings For Me Male Behaviour?

Ok so this guy I have feelings for we broke up in February ,it was a misunderstanding had not been dating long,but I knew that he still had feelings for me even though we finished,he messaged me a few days ago,said he needed me,he remembered our first kiss,couldn't forget,he said,I want you,feel you kiss you,have sex with you,spend time together,do you think it sounds like he just wants sex,or he really does have feelings for me?


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  • It's possible that he still has feelings. When feelings are real it's normal for them to take some time to disappear, they don't go away all of a sudden.

    • you don't think he's just after sex? We we're talking everyday since October 2014. for upto 5 hours, and skyped and phoned each other, it was long distance

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    • If it was long distance and there are plenty of girls why would want you only for sex? Like I said before, there's the possibility but I think that his feelings can be real.

    • i guess your right thank you

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