Guys are confusing. Girls are confusing. I'm a girl especially confused about a guy. Help?

So, I know this guy, and we're both in college and met last semester at work (it's not a professional job, just a student job). We saw each other every week and what not. We didn't become great friends, but we had the typical small talk conversations of "what's your major" and that eventually led to more conversations that weren't as typical, but it wasn't anything serious or bonding you know? We didn't have "moments" per say, but we became slightly more comfortable talking with each other.

Anyway, I let him know that I was interested. I'm not in love with him or want to be his girlfriend or anything, but I think he's cute and interesting and I just let him know I wanted to talk to him more and like go on a date or something. This was right before break, and he didn't really respond or react. So we get back this semester, and I see him the first day back at work. It's sort of the way it was before, but of course I feel kind of awkward. He didn't act any differently than before, but I don't know what happened within the past month.

He's acting different. I mean, he was kind of acting playful, like kind of flirtatious you know? He just makes himself more present, if that makes sense. He's starting the conversations more with me, he's always jumping to help me with stuff, he makes sure we work generally in the same station, the conversations we have aren't as generic as the ones we had last semester.

So I mean what's the deal? Did I suddenly become interesting to him? Did he not get the message at all even though I think I made myself clear? I mean, I had just sort of gotten over him. I wasn't really crazy about him, but it can be hard working with someone you can see it really working with. So of course as that happens he starts acting this way.

What does this mean?


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  • Who cares what it means just go with the flow now that you have his attention


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