Will we soon be to far apart? Should I not even think this way? Am I stressing over something that probably won't happen?

I travel a lot, worldwide, and sometimes for a few days. My boyfriend and I have never had problems before, but I'm worried that the farther I keep traveling the farther we'll become apart. Do you think that eventually we'll start having problems? I really don't have a choice in the matter of traveling. I'm a model, and it's something I wouldn't give up for the world. My boyfriend doesn't seem to mind at all now, but will he?
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  • If he understands that you are pursuing your dreams and that you love him, distance will not stop your love, and when you do see him it will be that much more special

    Let him know matter the distance you love him and will always be his...
    LDRs are hard, good luck, just make sure you call/skype/facetime often!

    dont want him to forget he has a model gf lol! lucky guy!
    and you love him! he is super lucky!


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  • Don't stress about something that is not effecting you right now


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  • What you're doing is extremely straining on a relationship and requires an extreme trust between you and him. If you have that trust and are on the same page then you have a chance. If there is any doubt about how either of you feels, it will be compounded by the distance and time away.

  • It's not where you go it's who's with you on the journey...

    If he isn't involved in your travels you are making it that way for a reason.


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