Do yo know or get the feeling when someones about to ask you out?

Or are you always caught off guard. One would think that asking someone out is merely a formality from the weeks or prior flirting, teasing and innuendoes. Any way express yourselves. How you
  • I kinda new it was coming
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  • caught completely off guard
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  • I don't get asked out :-(
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English grammar and spelling forsakes me here
Again lol


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  • Is this question just for the girls? xD Guys rarely get asked out, at least I don't know any guy that has been asked out by a girl.

    • For anyone that has ever been asked out. In the history of ever

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  • Off guard, I'm so dumb at reading people. I didn't even know the guy I like actually liked me too back when I was in high school.

  • I don't get asked out 😂😞😌


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