What goes through your mind when asking someone out?

Or for those that get asked out, what goes through your mind when the words " will you go out with me" are said to you? Tell us the good and the not so good feels and thoughts around in this often stressful period


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  • > Basically I'll be really happy with a simple yes or no and I good he doesn't bullshit or make up excuses not to answer or get too nervous to make sense bc it makes the while thing just do unnecessarily awkward.
    So I'm thinking. " please just say yes. Or no. Don't make it into a big production. "

    > If I'm asked by someone I like I'll feel uncomfortable for them if they look uncomfortable and if they are comfortable I'll wonder if they already know I like him. Then I'll get a bit nervous at the thought if the days bc I wasn't expecting them to ask be out bc if I thought he liked me I'd have asked him already... But if day yes. And just feel a bit caught off guard. And probably think id rather he just waited for me to ask. Yet I'll be glad to know he likes me. Of Course I isn't really know if he's just interested in sex or likes me so I djbf get excited at all when asked out... I just see how it goes.

    > If I don't like him I just feel bad that I have to reject him and I try to sound respectful and bit putting bc I joke that just makes it do much more humiliating. For some reason when people reject people they seen to confuse being condescending with being nice. So I'm just straight to the pint but not harsh.

    • typos.

      So basically

      If I ask : "I think just say yes or no. Don't make things complicated"

      If I'm asked and I like him , I think : " ok wonder if he actually likes me or just wants sex. Say yes and well see."

      If I'm asked and don't like him, I think " be straight forward but say it kindly and don't leave any room for ambiguity. You dont want him thinking there is hope."

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    • Me too. Thanks for answering

    • Sure:) no ones ever asked this particular question well I haven't seen it. What a good idea !

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  • "She's gonna say yes, just watch!"

    Assuming the sale. :)


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  • "This is going to end horribly and I'm going to hate myself for it and am I REALLY ready to lose this dude as a friend? Because he's pretty funny. Fuck it. I'm askin'."


  • Nothing because I'm a coward and don't ask people out lol.

  • I find it exciting ~


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