How many women out there are keen on dating younger men?

Just saw a question about dating age ranges. I noticed that most women clearly stated a range for older men only. How flexible would you women be about dating someone younger?

I'm interested in an older woman at the moment. I'm turning 20, she's turning 22 so the age difference isn't much. But seeing as I'm younger... I'm not sure what to expect now.

I know everyone's different but I'd love to hear what the general consensus is between women regarding this!

Poll is targeted more towards women :p
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  • I'm 21. My boyfriend is 19. I will turn 22 before he turns 20. It would appear that I don't have an issue with dating younger. I wouldn't date any younger than that though.

    • Interesting! Were you attracted to him when you two first met? Or did it just somehow grow?

    • I liked him the minute I saw him. Which was much creeper then than it is now.

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  • 25 would be my ultimate limit for a younger guy. People do lots of maturing and growing emotionally from 20-25. There may be an odd 1 in the lot but I'll stick with closer to my age for personal preference.

    • Now that you mention it, I do seem to notice the difference in maturity between men in their early and late 20s. Thanks for answering

  • I prefer to date someone close to my own age, perhaps a few years younger or a few years older, and preferably in a similar place in life to me.

  • My preferred age range would be 18-25 with a slight bias to those my age or over. Still being pretty young myself I wouldn't want to date anyone more than a year or two younger right now.

  • I prefer older (much older), but if I had a connection with someone I am not going to turn them down based solely on age, so long as he is over 18.

  • I prefer dating older guys but if he's mature and ready for a relationship I wouldn't mind dating a younger guy.


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