so where do i like, meet people (who i'm at least mildly interested in)?

Looking at my age you can probably guess that I'm in high school and I happen to be straight. I would try to date someone at my school, but I do not like 90% of the people who go there as human beings, they tend to be the preppy too good for you type of people. Anyway, I don't go to camp, am not involved in many extracurriculars nor communities, and am fairly introverted outside of 1 on 1 conversation. I was just wondering if anyone knows any way I could meet people like me. I like punk and grunge music and movies like Star Wars if that helps.


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  • We live in a world where everything's virtual, so why don't you go on forums for people who like the same music as you/like Star Wars? You could go for Comic Cons, for concerts too and you'd find people who share similar interests.

    I know how annoying high schools kids are, they're all just duplicates, and they have such boring personalities. Luckily, you'll find a lot of fun people in college who will be pursuing the same course as you/likely have similar interests.

    What are you eating in your dp btw? I'm curious

    • By people I kinda meant physically, outside of the internet. Also comics aren't really my thing and concerts are usually filled with people at least 10 years older than me. What you said about colleges is true but right now I'm just looking for other people to hang out with in the meantime. Anyway thanks for the input.

      PS. It's a sub

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  • Go out a lot to like the mall library wherever you like to go and if you see somebody pretty causally stroll over (make sure you are with a friend and so are they or else it's creepy) and be like hey you're really pretty and try to start a convo and get their number

  • cool I LOVE punk!!! anyway... I don't know where you could meet them!


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