I am confused.....haven't dated in years.

Went out with a guy I just met on Saturday just to chat. He asked me if I wanted to go do something during the week but no date or time was set. I agreed. Then we chatted online and thought we would "try" for Tuesday, but it was based on his job and if he could get out at a decent time. He told me to call him on Tuesday morning to see if he knew his schedule and could let me know for sure. I called about half hour after I "thought" he went in...I did not know for sure. He said he was not at work yet so to call him at 11. I called him at 11, and he said he was very busy during the day and did not know for sure if he would be out at a decent hour. He said to call at 6, so I did. He was definitely still working and would not be done for a while longer. The company he does work for you never know when they are going to deliver...a well known national company. So when I called at 6, he said he was still at work, but wanted my number so we could either make it for another night or on the weekend, but for me to call him any time and he would call me. During the earlier conversation he made a comment "I will see you again, I know that I will see you again." He also told me that he took himself off the online dating site so he didn't want me to freak, but I have his number and Facebook to contact him. I really liked what I saw/knew of this guy when we first met. Do I give this guy a chance? Is this how things normally work...I haven't dated in 13 years. What to do.


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  • I don't understand why he didn't just say that he would call you when he was free. If he does have your number I would wait at least a cuople of days since you've called him so many times already. If he doesn't, maybe you should call him and ask if he really does want to go out still, or if he's changed his mind. Good luck!

    • Probably cause I spoke to him a couple times today.

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  • I think that either he does not have good manners or he is not interested.

    Once you had tried calling and he was not available, he should have called you back. Even if he had changed his mind about going out or did not know his schedule, he should have called you. Don't contact him again. You have done your part. if he contacts you and you still want to see him, fine. But make sure to have a policy of not chasing him (set a limit, like no more than two calls in a row), otherwise he will lose respect for you.

    In future, I would call a maximum of twice, just in case something went wrong with the first call and he didn't get it. No more than that though.

    To me this guy sounds like a flake. You can probably do better. Now that you have taken the step of getting out there again, don't stop at the first guy you meet! Good luck.