Girls, im gonna ask a girl out... but a part of me can't be bothered! Any advice?

Me: I'm a little too analytical. I think too much. I'm also a workaholic.
But, that aside, I'm a very low key, friendly, spiritual and warm hearted guy.

So: at the the gym (getting ripped!) there's a girl who works part time.
She just sits at the counter and attends to customers and future clients.

She's young, smiles a lot and has braces (she's kinda cute with them).

I talked to her yesterday, I have never talked to her since I am kinda reserved.
We had some small talk but, I was the one leading the convsersation and being funny (yes, I do have a sense of humor). She didn't ask me SHT. Lack of interest? I'm not sure.

She was being girly, open and nice. When I said "Check ya later" she gave me a sweet, feminine smile. I got that "butterfly" feeling in my lower abdomen (like, where my six pack is) and I was like "Why the hell do I feel this way? She's just a girl who works at a shitty desk job".

OK. That sounded pretty harsh. But at least I'm honest.

So, I feel like taking her out to the movies, coffee or a nice restaurant.
But, a part of me is like "FK it. She isn't at your level".

I think I am, in terms of looks, better than her. Intellectually as well.
Income? I probably quadruple her wage or more. Yes, Id say 5 times more.

Anyway! I believe in equality, so, that makes me think that I'm doing the wrong thing.
She should be closer to me on many levels.

But, there's that virile side of me that sees her feminine, girly way and is attracted to her.

What should I do?
p. s. Im going to ask her out today. I'll let you know what happened.
I've just come back from the gym
I approached her, asked her how she was and what not.
Me: "So. Since your not studying... what do you do after work?"
Her: "Well... nothing really!"
Me: "Well, would you like to grab a bite or go out sometime?"
Her: (Puts on a face like I've just turned into a Jehova's Witness and Im asking her to convert and give me money)
"Well... it depends... you know... umm... maybe... well see".


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  • It's good that your going for it. Give her a chance lots of great people don't have great jobs. If your worried she's after your money then don't bring things up at first that indicate you have it. Sometimes professionals relate better to each other but I'll say it again " love can be unexpected'. I spent over 20 years in a relationship with a man that makes half of what I do. Granted it wasn't like that at first, I climbed the ladder while we were together. We may be apart now however it had absolutely nothing to do with income or status.
    Good luck!


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  • You can't tell if someone is smart by one short convo. I'm intelligent, and I don't show myself entirely because I find it intimidates people. She might not be in your league (to you, someone else may find her more attractive than u or vise versa) or u just might have high standards. I don't know i'm just sayin' :)) But if u do ask her out, don't be arrogant, girls hate that. GL

    • OK, thanks!

      And yes, I did ask her out. Check out the update!

    • So, she doesn't study, has a shitty job and has no goals.
      Thats what I get for not sticking to my standards.

  • Don't ask her out. It's not a good start if already don't respect her.

    • Well, my opinion of her was right. Check out the update.

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    • You sounded kinda serious.
      But I thought it was kinda funny. I haven't been to M'Ds in a looooong time.
      Thank you for your comments :)

    • Haha no problem.

  • She dodged a bullet.

    • Yeah. Poor girl.
      I can't imagine how she would have coped going to a place like Artusi or Le Gavroche here in London.
      You have to use knives and forks (does that sound familiar to you?), not your hands.

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    • Oh is it worse than that... don't tell me it's the first time you even talked to a girl? Yeah, I'd be laughing at that too if I were you, pretty pathetic.
      An egocentric narcissist talking about people having issues... you don't see that nowadays.

      You're going to make me happy? You're not doing a good job at that if you're still talking to me.

      What a convenient plot twist! Let me guess what happened next... you woke up from your delusional dream!

      You bore me, fuck off.

    • You took your time in your last comment :)

      Keep on walkin those streets Ms Uniform. Make dat money! X0

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