I like a girl, but I suspect she has a boyfriend?

I dont usually have crushes and i am not into dating and all the stuff that comes with it. But, Just today i realized that i might have developed a crush on some cute girl in my school. I have only talked to her a couple of times but, i just can't keep her out of my mind. Worse, i believe she has a boyfriend. Whats the best way to forget about her?


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  • well maybe you could find out if she has a dude that way you don't have to write off a crush.

    but if she has a guy the best way to just move on is to do just that. move on. understand that she has a guy and you obviously don't want to come between that. so you move on with life, hanging out with friends and potentially looking for a new object of your desire

    • Thank you and you're right. I need to know if she has a guy first.

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  • look at other girls and think about them maybe? Surround yourself with other women?


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