What is wrong with my boyfriend?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months now and things have been like any other relationship, we have our ups and downs.
Though for a couple of weeks, my boyfriend hasn't really been taking to me like he usually did. He hasn't written "good morning" or "good night" to me like he usually does, I feel like whenever we have sex it's only until HE feels satisfied and tries not to make me feel just as good (if anything, I've been feeling used. He also recently got pretty good at it, after 2 weeks of not being active to one another), he hasn't been talking to me (he does not currently work so work is out of the question), and whenever we do talk, it's like around 10ish at night and then after two sentences he says that he's going to bed or gives another excuse to not talk to me. I know he talks to other girls, but he's always said that they are friends. I've seen him talk nasty things about me to his "friends" by saying that I'm a "fat chick" or never mention that I'm his girlfriend.
What are your thoughts? Also be on topic and respectful. Thank you.


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  • No offense but how is "fat" nasty? I mean if it is true it's just a fact. What if you were thin and he called you a think chick?

    As for the rest--he's your boyfriend, right? So communicate your feelings to him. Soliciting speculation from people here is just asking for people to say he is cheating or something. ASK HIM WHAT'S UP!!!

    • I've been trying to talk to him and he brushes me aside.
      Also, I'm honestly not fat, I'm pretty fit and have an average built

    • So communicate with him. Tell him that you are trying to talk to him but that he isn't listening and that you don't appreciate that.

      I don't understand why you would continue to have sex with him if you feel used---ESPECIALLY when he won't listen to your feelings. So withhold the sex and when he asks why then tell him.

      Again, no offense, but saying you are pretty fit and then following that with you have an average build is contradictory. If you aren't fat and he is talking you down to his friends then dump his worthless ass.

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