Do you ever go through periods where you want to take breaks from spending weekends with your bf/gf?

I see my bf of 5 months as usual on weekdays. Sat and Sun are the only days we can sleep in together without me having to leave for work at 8am. We normally hang out until mid-afternoon. Never both Sat and Sun, it's always either/or.

We missed one weekend because I had other things going on. Ever since, he has been coming up with what sounds like legit excuses not to see me until Sun night. Claims he has a ton of work to catch up on and random errands. Or family stuff. It seemed like he could have seen me if he really wanted to since he woudn't even go running with me. When I saw him Sunday, he STILL wasn't done with his work. He had to do some of it while we were hanging out. It was obvious that he had procrastinated. He insisted that he loves spending the weekend with me, "It just hadn't been convenient". When I said,"I thought it was just me who was booked last weekend." He said,"So you need to spend every weekend together? Not sure why you're asking." Should that raise a red flag? Or does this sound like a normal break, to get some weekend me time? Do you guys do that? He has always had hectic work weeks off and on but he still squeezed in a Fri or Sat sleepover. Everything else seems normal.


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  • I believe a break is normal. It gives both parties time for themselves and ability to get caught up on work. Personally, I see nothing wrong with it.


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