Guys, i'm a bit confused, he likes me now? Or is sex all he cares about?

The past story: I liked him. He wanted sex and he liked someone else. Now a year has passed and we're both still singles. Nothing serious happened between him and the other girl. We have been around each other a lot the past month. He still acts interested, even more now than a year ago.

He stares all the time. It doesn't matter if I sit in front of him, far away or close up. Even if I sit behind him he will turn around and look for a few seconds. He looks at me with soft eyes.
If I ignore his stare he will stare for a very long time.
He ignore me when I talk to other guys and parties. I don't know if it means anything.
He won't talk to me (unless he is drunk), but all the other girls? No problem.
He will look at me when something funny happens to see if I laugh.
He listens to my conversations

But the thing is. This month he has slept with another girl at a party, I went home early that night. He said that he was really drunk and he regret it. Of course we're not together so I'm not allowed to be pissed, I'm a bit annoyed.
So what does he want? Does he really like me now? Or is sex still the only thing in his mind?


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  • It sounds like sex to me , if not with you then who ever. Sorry but based on what you wrote it's what I'm seeing


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