Is he lying about where he is tonight after we had plans?

We arranged to get together tonight for Easter weekend. And then on the last spot he told me he must help his brother who is stuck in a roadblock 2 hours from here and then do I want him to come to me afterwards. I dont know if I should believe him. Or if I should be cautious and ditch him? He keeps saying he's sorry and I keep saying it's fine. I dont know what to think. Should I try to make him jealous and say well I'm going out with my friend anyway or should I sit here and wait? To see if he's really coming back? Cause I doubt that he is. New relationships are so hard


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  • He did ask if you still wanted to meet up afterwards, so I don't see a problem here. Does he have a brother? It's good of him to let you know what's going on instead of just ditching you.


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  • I vote that you let him go. I think he's not being honest.

    • Yes because why on the last moment? If he is, then he's a good liar bit something dsnt feel right

    • The fact that he does it at the last minute is the biggest clue that he's a liar.

    • And after I asked him what time I'm seeing him

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