How to cope with a man withdrawing aka being distant?


I was dating a guy for 6 months. All of a sudden he's started taking ages to reply to my messages, giving excuses as to why he missed my call and being distant in general. A couple weeks ago we had a really lovely phone conversation, two days later I asked when i would be seeing him and he took ages to reply, then said he was busy that week.

There have been moments recently where its seemed like things were getting better, but since Sunday (he texted me first) his behavior has changed. We haven't spoken in two days and I'm trying to get over him basically.

I mean if someone isn't making an effort, then they really don't care right? Its kinda hard when I'm not busy and my thoughts run wild.

So how do I move on?


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  • This guy sounds like bad news I would erase his # and stop talking to him. How to get over it. I would try to learn something new like play guitar, draw, cooking classes etc something fun to get your mind off of things. You deserve it! :P


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  • It seems that you need to move on. You shouldn't be waiting around for him.


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