Girls, do you like a man with ripped muscles, or normal man?

if you have to choos between 2 good men to merry one, the first practis sport and have ripped muscles, and the other one have simple body, (or let's say blowed belly hhhhhh just kidding); which one would you choose?
this question is to helpe my friend to make sicologic exposition :)
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  • Well, I don't want to be with a guy who's all outta shape and can't keep up on a hike or play a game of soccer.. but I would rather be with a guy with an "ordinary" body than a six pack, because I feel shitty about myself if I'm naked in front of a man who is super ripped. I have a nice body and I like it, but I jiggle some and I'm OK with that, I just suddenly feel uncomfortable with it when I'm with a really toned guy. My current bf is just perfect, because he's got a wee bit of jiggle too, but it active like me so we can keep up with one another just fine and also feel sexy in front of each other :)


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