Girls/young women, do you like young guys with shaved heads?(Assuming they pull it off good) I mean no hair not even the shadow? Can it be attractive?

I have a condition that causes me to lose hair diffusely at 19, meaning no bald spots but very thin all over the scalp, there is no treatment and I opted to shave my head bald, I'm taking Howie Mandell full on skin uptop. No shadow no hair whatsoever, I pull it off alright (surprising as I'm a skinny paler guy) my head shape and face work well it I will say, and I know it was just hair doesn't make or break me personally. But I worry that attractive young women in late teens or early 20's will be much less attracted to me. I didn't have much experience to begin with 19, and never had a serious girlfriend (grew up in a small town with very limited options) and I can be honest with myself and say I need to find my partner physically attractive. I have high standards but I'm not some player in the end I want to be happy with only one girl so I'm not ashamed of the standards, and I understand and respect a girl having the same ideals, so I want to know if having a shaved bald head is seen as attractive or an unattractive trait in young women's eyes, and give personal opinions on what you would do if a young bald guy showed interest in you at a party or on the street etc. Or your opinions on if you think it'll put me at a bad disadvantage compared to 'hairy' guys. Please be honest, I appreciate honesty even if it's not what I want to hear.

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  • I'm indifferent, it's not attractive or unattractive I could still date one
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  • My guy needs hair sorry, I'm not attracted to it
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes definitely

    • Definitely it can be attractive, or definitely will put me at a disadvantage like the descorption asked, sorry I should have thought the way I typed it better

    • No prob, I meant definitely it can be attractive :)

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What Girls Said 2

  • Yes, like I've said it before.

  • It can be very attractive on some men.


What Guys Said 2

  • Yes they can but not as much as a guy with hair.

  • actully many girls like bald guys... but that's really sad dude... losing your hair at such young age...:-/


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