What's this guys deal?

Met a guy in school, liked eachother, exchanged numbers shortly before my year was over. We now live a few hours from eachother but have continued to text/talk on the phone for almost a year. At first we texted constently then it went to just a few mesasages a day. He starts about 50% of the convos. But he lets the conversation die so quickly. Never asks questions or seems very interested in the convo. I've asked if he wants to stop talking or if I'm annoying him and he says no he likes talking. Any ideas on why he's no longer engaged? Is he just being nice? He also never says goodbye, just stops texting.


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  • Maybe he is no longer "engaged" because he is now ENGAGED. ;)

    • Haha could you imagine!

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    • Thanks. It sure is confusing. I don't care either way I just hate it when people are not direct about what they want.

    • Not only that but him not saying goodbye or giving some indication that he is done texting is a bit rude.

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