Girls, why is confidence such an appealing characteristic in a man?

Thoughts on why girls find it so attractive and some indictors of confidnce you look for?


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  • Guys who are confident aren't worriers. That means they're not afraid to deal with life as it comes at them, and we can trust them to be strong when it counts. Guys who are more timid and worry, not only need us to care for them more, they often run and hide when there is trouble or danger. Women want a strong partner they can count out. If you can't even walk up and say "hi" without getting nervous, how can we trust you not to run from a serious threat?

    • So what are some of the ways you spot confidence in a guy?

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    • Well I do all that expect I sometimes hold back when talking to someone for the first time

    • When I say "hold back" I don't mean not sharing everything; I mean you don't second guess what you want to say. Like, don't be afraid of their reaction is more what I mean. Don't miss a chance to say something that will help you connect better.

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  • Honestly I'm not sure but I do find it very attractive. It's somehow manly a bit like he is the alpha.

    • They must be certain behaviours that scream confidence to you?

    • He doesn't care what other people think and he's not scared of being himself. A guy who takes a lot of space and simply follow his own path. If I enter the gym and a bunch of guys were lifting weights, my eyes would automatically get stuck on the guy who shows off the most because that too is a sign of confidence like manly confidence. I hope that makes sense.

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