Why is it that I can connect well with tom boys but not with all the other girls?

Whenever I have no intention of getting anywhere with a girl things go very smoothly. With tom boys especially, maybe it's because I see them as a bro with boobs but tom boys tend to have small boobs anyways, close to flat actually.

So how do I get a girl that has both looks and personality? Where would I find one?
Preferably not a bar or club.


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  • You can find them everywhere like take a class or a party

    It's maybe you tomboy feel comfortable around you and your not that approachable and give a bad vibe


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  • tomboys r the best dude... both hot anf with awesome personalities basically... basically i find non-tomboyish girls boring basically...:-P

    • I agree that they have a great personality which makes it easy to talk them to but the problem is I don't find them attractive. I treat them the same way I treat my male friends except I don't talk about girls with them.

      It doesn't feel right to make any advances with a tom boy even if she was attractive (which I have never seen before). It would feel like flirting with a guy.

    • is it weird that i find them attractive?

    • Everyone has their own taste I guess. Maybe you just want women to be more masculine. Personally I want someone that is feminine, but I can never find a common topic of interest. Any suggestions?

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